Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ATTENTION MEMBERS!!! PCGS Help Session this Saturday

The PCGS Help Session will meet on Saturday July 12th from 1 to 3 PM. We will be in room 2500 D off the cafeteria at UAMC.
This is an opportunity to discuss your research problems with other PCGS members and/or to share researching techniques that you have found helpful. The session is open to all PCGS members.

Free Webinar "Thinking about Becoming a Board-certified Genealogist?" Legacy Family Tree Webinar


Free BCG Certification Webinar

BCG is happy to announce that president Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL, will be giving a free webinar on Wednesday, July 9, 2014, at 2 PM Eastern (1 PM Central, Noon Mountain, 11 AM Pacific, 6 PM GMT) as a part of the Legacy Family Tree Webinar series.
“Thinking about Becoming a Board-certified Genealogist?” will present the “why” and “how” of the certification application process. Registration and the free handout for this webinar are now available at http://www.familytreewebinars.com/webinar_details.php?webinar_id=215. Door prizes will be awarded during the session including Genealogy Standards (50th anniversary edition) courtesy of BCG and $100 off a new registration for GRIP 2014, GRIP on the Road (Michigan), or either GRIP 2015 week.
For those who cannot make the live webinar (where you may interact with the speaker by asking questions) you will be able to view the recorded session afterward.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Seat Covers - Publicity at the Jamboree

Chair cover

Leslie Carney, Michelle Launi and I (Amy Urman) recentlly returned form the Jamboree sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical Society.  I think we made our organization known at the event with the help of Leslie's chair covers.  Leslie designed and sewed up the chair covers.  Her idea was a hit - people stopped by to talk to us about our society and to ask for pictures to copy her idea.  I think we will see a few more chair covers at upcoming events.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Got DNA? New blog to help you understand DNA and Genealogy

Visit How-ToDNA at http://howtodna.com/  for information on:   

  • How to interpret your DNA test results
  • How to use a chromosome browser
  • How to use free third-party tools like GEDmatch
  • How to do so much more!
How-To DNA will also provide links to the latest videos, podcasts, and other instructional material created by DNA experts. As an example, listen to this terrific podcast with CeCe Moore being interviewed by The Genealogy Guys and get the latest scoop on CeCe’s involvement with Finding Your Roots! And if you weren’t able to attend the SCGS Jamboree, you can listen to Maurice Gleeson’s incredible talk about DNA and Irish Genealogy.
With How-To DNA, you can finally figure out how to add DNA to your research!
above information taken from the howtodna.com website

About To DNA

How To DNA is the world's first multimedia blog for genealogists exploring the world of DNA! 

Monthly meeting this Saturday and Family Tree Maker SIG

Don't forget our meeting is coming up this Saturday, June 21st.  We will be meeing in our normal room 2117 in the Medical College which is located at the University Medical Center, 1501 N Campbell.  New members are encouraged to contact Beth at 820-4488 for help finding our meeting location. 

As usual some of our members will be meeting in the cafeteria for lunch prior to the meeting.  Folks usually arrive for lunch around 11:30 to 12.   

 Amy Urman will be presenting a class on Death Customs: Mourning and Morbid
 Leslie Carney will be presenting a program on Family & Taxes, Oh My!

FTM SIG meeting this Saturday, 3:00-5:00pm (immediately following PCGS meeting) in UMC Rooms 2500 C&D

Monday, June 16, 2014

Announcement from Family Tree DNA

On Thursday, Ancestry.com™ announced that they will no longer sell Y-DNA  tests.  Additionally, the results from past Y-DNA tests will no longer be available after September 5, 2014.
YSearch and Family Tree DNA are committed to supporting this valuable genealogical test today and in the future.  We strongly encourage you to tell your friends and family to transfer their Y-DNA data to Family Tree DNA or YSearch before it's too late.   

If you haven't already tested with Family Tree DNA, you can transfer your Y-DNA results to get:
  • Access to group projects (available to all transfers)
  • Find Y-DNA matches using FTDNA's huge database (requries  a transfer + marker upgrade)
  • Access to the new Y-DNA haplotree (requries a transfer + marker upgrade)
  • Access to superior customer support (available to all transfers)
Click here to transfer your Y-DNA results to Family Tree DNA now!

The Y-DNA transfer options are listed below:

Y-DNA 33 Marker Transfer
  • Store your results on FTDNA.
  • Participate in group projects.
  • No matches or haplogroup predictions
Y-DNA 46 Marker Transfer
  • Store your results on FTDNA.
  • Participate in group projects.
  • No matches or haplogroup predictions
Y-DNA 33 Transfer +
25 Marker Upgrade*
  • Store your results on FTDNA.
  • Participate in group projects.
  • Y-DNA matches
  • Haplogroup predictions
  • Additional standard FTDNA Y-DNA features
Y-DNA 46 Transfer +
37 Marker Upgrade*
  • Store your results on FTDNA.
  • Participate in group projects.
  • Y-DNA matches
  • Haplogroup predictions
  • Additional standard FTDNA Y-DNA features

* Those unable to provide samples can still be upgraded to receive 12 marker matches for Y-DNA33 and 25 marker matches for their Y-DNA46

Thank you,
YSearch & Family Tree DNA

Ancestry.com is a trademark of the Ancestry.com corporation. Family Tree DNA is not affiliated with Ancestry.com in any way.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Live Streamed Sessions form the Southern California Jamboree - Free and Nominal fee sessions.

Not able to attend the Southern California Genealogy Society Jamboree?  Ancestry will be sponsoring 14 free genealogy live streams:

Friday, June 6
FR009 - Friday 1:00PM - Judy G. Russell JD, CG, CGL - "Dowered or Bound Out: Records of Widows and Orphans"

FR018 - Friday 2:30PM - Blaine Bettinger PhD, JD - "DNA and the Genealogical Proof Standard"

FR027 - Friday 4:00PM - Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FUGA - "Manuscript Finding Aids: Locating Migrating Family Records"

FR034 - Friday 5:30PM - F. Warren Bittner, CG - "Proof Arguments: How and Why"

Saturday, June 7
SA003 - Saturday 8:30AM - F. Warren Bittner, CG - "Elusive Immigrant!"

SA019 - Saturday 10:00AM - Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL - "Staying out of Trouble: The Rights and Responsibilities of Today's Genealogist"

SA027 - Saturday 11:30AM - Michael Leclerc - "Researching Your New England Ancestors"

SA037 - Saturday 2:00PM - Bennett Greenspan - "The Future of Genetic Genealogy"

SA039 - Saturday 3:30PM - Dr. Maurice Gleeson - "Researching Your Irish Ancestry"

SA053 - Saturday 4:00PM - Cyndi Ingle - "The Internet: A Genealogist's Printing Press"
Sunday, June 8
SU009 - Sunday 8:30AM - D. Joshua Taylor - "Resources of the DAR: Beyond Revolutionary War Soldiers"

SU012 - Sunday 10:00AM - Dawn Thurston - "How to Write a Personal History that Captures your Interesting Life"

SU020 - Sunday 1:00PM - Dr. Maurice Gleeson - "Ireland and the Slave Trade"

SU036 - Sunday 2:30PM - Denise Levenick - "Dirty Pictures: Save Your Family Photos from Ruin"

The Family History and DNA Conference will also provide live streamed sessions for a nominal fee.  See http://www.scgsgenealogy.com/Jamboree/2014/LiveStream.html for additional information and costs.